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Energy healing is the holistic practice of bringing balance to the energetic centers within and around the body.  This is accomplished by activating the body's subtle energy centers, removing energetic blockages, and restoring balance.  When the body is in energetic balance, the ability to self-heal is stimulated.

Our energy field can become sluggish, blocked, or disrupted by many factors throughout our life.  This includes illness, surgery, food, toxins, trauma, and daily stress.  Many people find that working with an energy healer practitioner on a regular basis promotes ongoing healing and a sense of inner peace.  

There are several benefits to balancing the body’s energy field, including healing dis-ease, restoring balance into one’s life, and an improved overall sense of emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.  Many people experience a reduction in anxiety and depression as well as increased feeling of inner peace and clarity.  

Energy therapy works well on its own and can also be used in conjunction with traditional medicine practices.  It is always recommended to talk to a physician if you have any medical concerns prior to scheduling an energetic therapy healing session. 

In addition, pets, homes, and businesses all benefit from energy healing and clearing.  

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